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MagicEar Personal Sound Amplifiers are a great way to Reconnect with Life!



Clearly hear your friends and family and share the closeness of their emotions in all life situations...even in noisy environments.


In Nature & Outdoor Experiences

Experience the world around you. Wind rustling leaves, waves crashing on the beach or the relaxing sounds of birds chirping in the distance.


Watching TV or Listening to Events

Never miss a word or sound again while watching television, going to a movie or attending church and speaking events.


Dining with Friends and Family

Get invloved in conversations on your night out. Feel confident you will understand everyone even in noisy, crowded situations.


Performance Specifications

10 Channels of Layered Noise Reduction

2 Compression Channels

3 Situation Memories

Manual Rotary Volume Control

12 Channels of Gain Digital Sound processing

100% Advanced Circuitry

Advanced Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

Powerful Dynamic Contrast Detection

Adaptive Wide Dynamic Range Compression

Memory Program Notification Tones

Broadband MPO Limiting

Low Battery Warning Tone

Power on Delay

Low Level Expansion

MagicEar Personal Sound Amplifier - Silver Pair (Left & Right)

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