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 Advanced Technology

 Sleek, Attractive Styling

Bluetooth Smart Control

Harmony Series
ENVO Series
  Digital Hybrid Features  
  •   2 -16 Compression Channels

  • 12 -16 Gain Channels

  • 4 Memories

  • 4G Digital Feedback Cancelling (DFBC)

  • Adaptive Beamforming Directionality 

  • 16-channel Layered Noise Reduction 

  • Environmental Noise Reduction 

  • Impulse Sound Suppression 

  • Wind Noise Reduction 

  • Dynamic Contrast Detection

  • Wide Dynamic Range Compression

  • Dual Biquad Filters

  • Datalogging


  • Low-level Expansion

  • Program Switch Tones

  • Low Battery Warning

  • Tone Amplitude Adjustment

  • Tone Frequency Adjustment

  • High Power compatible

  • In-situ Tone Generator

  • Programmable VC

  • Programmable Power-on Delay

  • Features apply to both Harmony and Audix models

  • Also available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 channel configurations

  • With Memory Button and 2 Function Touch Pad

      or No Memory Button and 3 Function Touch Pad 

MagicEar's latest line of miniature OTE hearing products display a new sleek and appealing design...Ergonometly styled for comfort and ease of use.  Engineered with the latest features in hearing technology and complete user friendliness in mind, our Soft Touch smart panel along with our easy battery installation/removal are features that will enhance the hearing experience for all users.

Customized Hearing Aid Design & Manufacturing

  Model Features  

Soft Touch Volume DOWN

Memory Selection Button (4 choices)

Soft Touch Volume UP

"Drop In" Battery Insertion

"Drop Out" Battery Removal

Moisture Resistant Sealed Battery Compartment

SMART Function Touch Pad

Moisture Sealing Upper Gasket

Insulated Dual Microphones with

Moisture/Dust Repelling Filters

Dual Compartment Insulated Receiver

Insulated Hybrid Flex Wiring

Digial Computer Programming Interface

High Speed Multi-function

Digital Processor

Telephone Interface Coil

Universal Coupler for use with Traditional Ear Hook or Open Ear Thin Tubes

Hybrid Insulated Flex Wiring

Universal Fit


Ear Hook

Open Fit Thin Tube

  Storage/Pocket Case 
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